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Writing An EDL Magazine Article

Enside Digital writers provide and manage all kinds of content publishing in our Website. If you have an idea to share, here is how to turn it into an EDL Magazine article.

Our primary goal is to deliver quality content. We’d be honored to have you sharing your experiences on a recent project, event, or lessons learned, or things that came to your mind to convert it to an EDL Magazine article. Your work will be rewarded with an honorarium and full credit. (Obviously. With even backlinking to your website)
Before getting in touch with your idea, please read this information. It will greatly improve your chances of being accepted.

Who Can Submit An Article?

You can! (Unless you are a spammer) Our authors range from experienced writers to first-timers. As our process includes editorial oversight, we can be a great place to publish your first piece.

You need an idea, something you want to share, and the ability to put together an outline to show us that your idea is likely to be of interest to our readers. From that point on, we can give you any help that you need as you write and revise your article. Experienced writers all started somewhere, we would be honored for you to start your writing career with us.

What Kind Of Articles Do We Publish?

We publish articles written by people who have some clear and cool thoughts and ideas; convert these within their writing, (obviously have to be informative, or interesting to the audience). These include:
  • Tutorials — Either helping people get started with new technology, or walking them through the process of building a project.
  • Opinion — Do you have a strong opinion on something in our industry and the research to back it up? These can make useful talking points.
  • Ultimate Guides — Longer articles really digging into a subject. A reference piece that people will return to time and time again.
  • Case Studies — What did you or your company learn from a particular project. These need to focus on practical examples that will be useful to other people, not just a good story.
  • Science— Articles about everything on Science-based facts. Might be a Physics article, or a Biological article, anything interesting and informative On Science.
  • Entertainment— Anything interesting and cool, catchy on Celebrities, Music, Movies— in a nutshell, Anything on the BUZZ UNIVERSE!
  • Other Categories: 
    • Books
    • Creativity
    • Current Affairs
    • Education
    • Environment
    • Fiction
    • Fitness
    • Global Issues
    • Health
    • Lifestyle
    • Politics
    • Psychology
    • Travel
    • Women
  • And Many Other Categories. [Tip: Check out our Menu-bar to explore all the categories]

What Do We Not Publish?

We work with individual authors. We will immediately reject pieces that are submitted on behalf of your CEO or a nameless member of your team. If your CEO would like to write for us, great! Send them this guide and they can make contact in the same way as everyone else.

We do not publish articles that are an obvious attempt at content marketing. While your experience in your company and with your product is valuable, pieces full of links to your product, or which are a walkthrough of how to use your product, will be rejected. Think about what you have learned, not how you can sell to our readers.
Press releases, listicles, and product reviews are unlikely to be interesting to us or our readers.

Sponsored Posts

We do have sponsored post options for companies who would like to increase their visibility while sponsoring great content. Again, this is not a way to post an advert, rather a way for you to put your name to some great content for our readers. Examples might be a company with a web performance tool sponsoring a series of articles about performance; an email service sponsoring an article about email design. Contact us if you would like to discuss this.

Who Are We Publishing For?

The EDL Magazine audience. When you write, assume that your reader is a knowledgeable peer. Writing a beginner article about technology is great (we are all beginners at something), but you can assume a starting point of familiarity with web technologies.
Practical advice that comes from real experience, plus well-researched opinion is what we aim for. See the writing and style guide for more tips on how to write for our audience.

Every article published on Smashing Magazine must fulfill certain criteria.
Every article published on Fadewblogs must fulfill certain criteria (see Publishing Policy).

What Will We Ask Of You?

When we give your outline the green light and ask you to write an article we ask that:
  • The article is an original piece of work for Fadewblogs, not something you have published elsewhere.
  • You will work with the editor assigned to you, and be open to their feedback.
  • You will establish a timeline for delivery with your editor, and if you realize you will miss a deadline, communicate with them.
  • You commit to our publishing policy, this is especially important to consider if you are writing about something learned while working on your own products. You can always ask your editor if anything is unclear.

    What Will Fadewblogs Do For You?

    Creating great content is a two-way process:
    • We will pay you promptly for publication of your article.
    • We have lovely, experienced editors and reviewers with specific knowledge in the subjects we cover. They will help ensure your article really hits the mark.
    • We give you a byline with your photograph and biography, so readers can find out more about you and your work.
    • We will promote your article on Twitter and in all our other channels.

    Pitch To Us

    We would like to see an outline initially, rather than a complete article. We can often help authors to refine their outline to something we can accept when had they sent the completed piece to us, we would have rejected it.

    Before You Submit

    We will require you to read and understand our Content Publishing Policy.

    [Note: You must read our Content Publishing Policy, also to understand our criteria, otherwise your writing won't be accepted]

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