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Founded in January 2017 in Oakland, NJ, Enside Digital Limited Group now delivers reliable, useful, but most importantly practical articles to beloved audiences. We never care about trends; we care about the things that matter to people. We are — and always have been — independent. 3+ years, and still ongoing.
ABout EDL Magazine

Preamble Of Enside Digital Limited Group (EDL Group)

Enside Digital Limited Group was established in 2017 and specialized in developing and producing all kinds of online services such as media, entertainment, magazine, news portal, sports, science journal, education, web developing services, and tools, freelancing opportunity providing, web stores, shopping services, online tickets, etc.

EDL Group is a division of Fadew Inc., an American multinational digital holding company, which is the parent company of EDL Group, Fadewblogs Inc., and other subsidiaries including Fadew Science.

Since the foundation, concentrating on a sustainable digital marketing and business solution and digital service providing, socially responsible policies both socially and environmentally in all aspects of our business and services, operations and activities, and, with the sensibility to entertainment and media world, by developing and modernizing the services and product line which has the principle of strong commitment and best service, we gained our esteemed goodwill which we always treasure and the support from our customers/users/viewers/consumers-- that we always relish. 

So far we have set our manufacturing and service providing with almost 500 employees including professional management staff, experienced designers, trained and efficient content makers, directors, editors in several places around the world with advanced equipment & offices. After 3 years of starting, we now provide our products and services all around the globe.

And we are on our way to becoming one of the leading online-based digital companies in this industry in the world. Looking at the future, we preserve the principle of 'Outshine the expectations of the consumers.'

The satisfaction of customers is our standard and prompt delivery is our credibility. We will serve up every customer/consumer/user/viewers/audience with heart & soul; welcome every domestic and overseas customers/consumers/user/viewers/audience for our future business and services. Thanks to everyone who supports Enside Digital Limited™.

Shoaib Rahaman Signature

Founder and CEO
Fadew Inc.

Quality Matters the Most

We care about and believe in quality content. We never have wanted to be a big publishing house: Our team is not so big, small, but it’s a truly wonderful team of people who really do care about what they do. They are passionate and dedicated. Honest and respectful. Professional but informal. Quirky and personal.

Through our articles, digital books, videos, and membership, digital services, we are committed to nourishing productivity, creativity, and improving the design, development skills, and finessing of the work-life balance. Getting better, together, by learning from each other — that’s the spirit that has been the mantra of our for all these years. 

Have Questions? Please contact us via our contact form. Yep, email would be easier, but we literally get tons of emails; frankly, it’s just easier for us to sort things and reply faster, you know. 

Alternatively, you can contact us via Instagram, Facebook — we try to reply as fast as we can.
You can also use our postal address for random or not-so-random messages:

  • Enside Digital Limited Group
  • Franklin Lake 21
  • 79108 Oakland
  • NJ, USA
  • VAT-ID (USA-ID): DE264172548
  • The Enside Digital Team

The EDL Group

All content and services are carefully curated, revised, and prepared according to the high standards set in the magazine’s Publishing Policy. These guidelines are continually revised and updated to ensure that the quality of the published content is never compromised. EDL Group is always expanding to provide more quality content and services.

From left to right: Iris, Inge, Cosima, Vitaly, Ricardo, Rachel, Amanda, Maria, Charis, Jan, Ari, Kristina, Yana, Aya, Jarijn, Scott, Marc, Tobi, and last but not least, the CEO Shoaib Rahaman.

  • Read About The Founder Shoaib Rahaman Here.
  • Visit Shoaib Rahaman's Official Blog Here.
  • Learn more about Fadew Inc. here.

Advertising On EDL Magazine

We don’t have much advertising on our site apart from a few spots that help us pay the bills. We look for advertisers who provide a product or service that fits the needs of a web designer or developer.

Interested? Please send a brief email to Mariona N. Jones at — she’ll respond as quickly as possible!

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