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About Shoaib Rahaman

About The Founder Shoaib Rahaman

Shoaib Rahaman is a blogger, online activist, entrepreneur. He is the Founder and CEO of Enside Digital Limited.

Shoaib Rahaman is a Bangladeshi immigrant award-winning American blogger, online activist, and freelance writer. He is the Founder and CEO of Fadewblogs Inc, Enside Digital Limited, Blogging Strive LLC.

Shoaib Rahaman is a correspondent on Forbes- worlds one of the most popular business magazines. He is a writer in Greatist- a fitness, health, and happiness Internet media startup. He is a political writer at BEAMSTART.

Shoaib Rahaman is associated with some international welfare organizations. He is a fundraiser at ASEAN youth organization. He is a territorial supervisor of Youth America. Shoaib Rahaman is a social media influencer. He does Instagram branding. Shoaib Rahaman is the Brand Ambassador of FNX Fit of the US region.

In September 2019, Shoaib Rahaman was nominated as the best scientific writing-blogger of the month on Plos One Journal. He won the KROMA startup writers award in July 2018. The EIN News Desk elected him as one of the best digital marketers of August 2019. In an annual summit of Hubspot, Shoaib Rahaman was nominated for the Best Digital Marketing Strategist of July in 2018.

Shoaib Rahaman has helped over 500+ small businesses to grow through online digital marketing. He is also a Google Analytics specialist. He is an Alexa Internet Inc certified SEO specialist. Shoaib Rahaman has written over 7000+ articles in 4 years and indexed and ranked over 500+ websites among these years. He has the working experience with the world’s best SEO analyzing and web developing's specialist Neil Patel.

Shoaib Rahaman is a mobile application developer. He has developed some of the very popular apps including Super Pads, Kaspr, You Dj, etc

From Hobby To Profession:

He started blogging back in 2014 when he was in junior high. It was just like passing time. But he gradually became addicted to blogging. He used to review movies in letterboxd and commonsense since 2012.

It was just like passing times at first but then he discovered there is a very bright future anyone can make by blogging as he found some very potential and inspiring opportunities through blogging back then.

He also used to get motivated from Pro Blogger, Neil Patel, and other successful bloggers.

Then he used to guest posts on numerous sites and used to earn some good amounts of money. Then in 2015, he joined Greatist and BEAMSTART as a correspondent.

In 2016, he founded his local company Enside Digital limited, Fadewblogs Inc with the association of his friends.

In 2017 he joined with some mobile application companies like Super Pads, Appypie.

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