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Reasons Why Still Using Windows 7 Puts You At Security Risks

Many individuals and organizations are still using the Windows 7 operating system. The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) recently warned of the use of Windows 7 by US private sector partners. Earlier this year, Microsoft officially ended the life cycle of Windows 7.

Reasons Why Using Windows 7 Might Put You At a Greater Risks!

Technology website Zednet reports that the FBI has warned that using Microsoft's Windows 7 after its expiration date could increase the risk of cybercriminals targeting computer network infrastructure.

The company said that if Windows 7 is used at the organization or enterprise level, cyber criminals can use security vulnerabilities to enter the network. Over time, Windows 7 can become even riskier. This is because the security update has stopped. After all, Microsoft has stopped supporting it. As a result, new errors can be detected in Windows 7.

Microsoft Windows
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At the expense of money, very few people will be able to update the Windows 7 system. Cybercriminals will, therefore, look at Windows 7 as an easy target. For this reason, the company is asking the companies to use the updated operating system.

Many PC hardware will not support updating to the new operating system. To update the new operating system, it is necessary to keep in mind the cost of different organizations. Although there is a problem, there has been an attack of cybercriminals in the case of Windows XP before.

The FBI says cyber-attacks in the health sector could increase if the lifespan of an operating system expires. The year after XP's expiration date on April 26, 2014, cyberattacks on healthcare institutions were on the rise. Experts say that to be safe in the cyber world, you need to keep your operating system up to date, as well as antivirus, spam filters, and firewalls.

The network configuration needs to be checked regularly. If necessary, the updated system should be separated from the old system. Two-tier security measures should be implemented.

On January 14, Microsoft withdrew support from Windows 7. In other words, the world's largest software developer will no longer update security programs for this system. They will be more focused on new technology from now on. Now only those who are spending money to get Microsoft services, Microsoft is giving extra security. They will provide this service until April 2023.

According to the July data of the application data analyst firm Net Application, Windows 10 occupies 59.4% of the global operating system. Windows 10 accounts for 6.2 percent of Microsoft's Windows operating system. Windows 7 still has a large market share in the PC market. In the case of PC's total operating system, Windows 7 still occupies 23.4 percent and in the case of the Windows operating system, it occupies 26.6 percent.
Reasons Why Still Using Windows 7 Puts You At A Greater Risk
Reasons Why Still Using Windows 7 Puts You At A Greater Risk 


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