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How Long will Life be Normal Again After COVID Goes Away?

Nowadays, there are questions about whether Corona has been or has been cured, or when it has been done and when it has been simplified. Therefore, the question is how long is normal life away? The matter can be clearly understood by giving two examples.

Women wearing Face Mask and Smiling
Mask is mandatory even after you're not infectious

A doctor from New York contracted COVID and was admitted to a hospital. Symptoms subside in a few days but seven times in a row RTPCR report came positive. Eighth, 40 days after being diagnosed with a negative report, she could go home. On the other hand, a prominent doctor from Florida went to the quarantine and got the swab tested for coronavirus. The first report comes in negative. But the symptoms did not subside and after a few days the test was done again, again the report was negative. Then one day he had sudden shortness of breath and was rushed to the ICU of the hospital. CT scans show pneumonia infection and the condition is serious. The RTPCR report also came positive then. Afterward, he went on ventilation.

This is the situation! Doubt is about which report you will understand and which you will not understand. According to the news, a fake test center has sprung up in NYC. Allegedly, they conveniently give positive-negative reports without testing. In the case of an influential patient, the hospital bill is being increased with a positive report, and in other cases, a negative report may be given, if there are no symptoms, then it is done. As a result, ordinary people are worried about which report going with, how long will they rest, but will they go to work or will they be involved in intimacy?

Women working in home wearing a mask
If the body is fine after corona, you can go to the office
wearing a mask, or you can work from home.
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According to Georges Benjamin, a public health expert, “These are somewhat exceptional news This is not always the case. The positivity or negativity of the report depends on how many viruses are in the body at the moment the test is done. There may be other reasons. However, in general, it is not difficult to diagnose the disease by following the doctor's advice and following their instructions. There is no question of returning to normal life once you have it. Of course, there will be a normal life after you get over with it. But that also has some problems, unless there's no COVID patient left in the world, before that there won't be any normal life as we used to have the prior.”

How many days left to normal life?

Dr. Benjamin said, "Within three weeks of the report being positive or the symptoms appearing, the viral load in the body is greatly reduced. As a result, the person can no longer spread the disease. As a precaution, we say 28 days. This is because the incubation period of this virus is a maximum of 14 days, which means that it can remain dormant in the body for up to 14 days before the onset of symptoms. Twice the time, that is, after 28 days, if the report is positive, the man is safe. He no longer spreads the disease. ”

Even if the corona is cured, the mask cannot be discarded at all.
Even if the corona is cured, the mask cannot be discarded at all.
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Critical care specialist Bruce Gellin says, "COVID-19 patients admitted to the hospital are discharged if they do not have fever or shortness of breath for three days. It is said to go home and stay away from everyone for seven or more days. Many still have fatigue. They have to rest for a few more days. Someone has a cough, someone is allergic. Some medications are given to reduce pain. But no matter what, they no longer have the ability to spread the disease. Then you can go to the office after wearing a face mask, also its better to take other precautions like keeping a hand-sanitizer wherever you go and operate. ”

Why the mask when anyone recovers?

He who has recovered has antibodies in his body. So he will not be infected anymore. There is no danger of anyone else getting infected from him. So there is no need for masks and other security measures! But it is not like that at all!

Doctor Gellin said, "As far as we know, antibodies are effective for 15 days to three months after the disease is cured. The day on which the report is positive or the symptoms have occurred since it is not possible to say for sure who will have 15 days of protection and who will have three months of protection, it is not right to associate without taking preventive measures. ”

According to Dr. Marcia Crosse, “It is better to be careful as we do not know the level of the disease in the second case. In the case of Dengue, as in the case of the second time, the complication of the disease is more, in this case, the danger will increase in the current situation. Because at the moment there is no chance of admission to almost any hospital. ”

That is, even if the disease is cured, there is no liberation from worry, especially if there are elderly people or co-morbid people in the house. Will that spark come in the relationship between husband and wife? That is the closest relationship.

What will happen to the husband-wife relationship?

Ever since the virus was found in Simens, the concern has increased. Scientists say the body can remain in the semen even after being virus-free. In that case, if he spreads through physical contact! Crosse said, “Although traces of the virus have been found in semen, it is not yet known for sure whether it spreads the infection. Not likely to spread. In that case, there is no problem with normal. You can use contraception as an extra precaution. However, if there is one person in the house, the risk of others is so high that it is seen that if one of the husband or wife has sexual intercourse, the other becomes infected. ”

(Emergency Announcement: The New Jersey government has launched several special helplines for patients with Covid-19. Calling these helpline numbers will help with ambulance or telemedicine related services, as well as an overall helpline number.

  • Overall helpline number: 800-222-1222)

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