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Neurological Explanation of Mental Illness

There has been considerable research in psychiatric medicine over the past decade and new data has emerged as a result. But even then, the cause of mental illness has not yet been fully explained. Of course, a few reasons have come out. Such factors are discussed below. Remember that it discusses the causes of mental illness as a whole. But since mental illness is of different types, this discussion may be different about specific illnesses. Neurological Reasons Behind Mental Illness Causes of mental Illness Heredity It has been observed in a few mental illnesses that this disease can be inherited. However, mental illness does not follow simple rules of heredity, such as autosomal dominant and autosomal recessive. Rather, the genes that cause mental illness can work in conjunction with several genes. Hereditary polygenetic principles, epigenetic principles, etc. are more applicable to mental illness. It cannot be said that a child will get this disease even if the parent

How Secret Chambers Of Pyramid Was Discovered by Muon Particles

How The Secret Chambers Of The Pyramid Was Discovered by Muon Particles: A Detailed Article Thoughts have been going on for a long time about how to peek inside the pyramids without breaking the pyramid. Finally, unexpected success came in November 2017. A secret chamber was found inside the Great Pyramid of Giza . It is helped to find a particle that is raining down from space at every moment and piercing us, but we do not notice. The Great Pyramid Muon Tomography If you ever visit Egypt , the Great Pyramid of Giza is a must-visit. Talk about one of the seven wonders of the world! As you descend through the tunnel inside the pyramid, you will suddenly see a passage going up. When you catch it, you will come to a huge gallery (some like the gallery of a museum), you will see the queen's room. The thought will naturally come to mind: I don't know how much more is in the stomach of this giant! It is now possible to answer this question without digging into the pyrami

How Long will Life be Normal Again After COVID Goes Away?

Nowadays, there are questions about whether Corona has been or has been cured, or when it has been done and when it has been simplified. Therefore, the question is how long is normal life away? The matter can be clearly understood by giving two examples. Mask is mandatory even after you're not infectious A doctor from New York contracted COVID and was admitted to a hospital. Symptoms subside in a few days but seven times in a row RTPCR report came positive. Eighth, 40 days after being diagnosed with a negative report, she could go home. On the other hand, a prominent doctor from Florida went to the quarantine and got the swab tested for coronavirus. The first report comes in negative. But the symptoms did not subside and after a few days the test was done again, again the report was negative. Then one day he had sudden shortness of breath and was rushed to the ICU of the hospital. CT scans show pneumonia infection and the condition is serious. The RTPCR report also came

These are The Two Newly Discovered Manganese-Eating Bacteria

Two Newly-Discovered Manganese Eating Bacterias Can drinking water be detoxified more this time? That possibility was heightened at the first of two artisans' fairs to contaminate drinking water. It may be possible to filter the drinking water more accurately this time as the enemy has been identified. These artisans are two new species of bacteria. Survivors eat the highly toxic metal manganese mixed in drinking water. Removing that toxic manganese from drinking water is still quite difficult. And after eating, they add more toxins to the drinking water. To breed them. Those manganese-eating bacteria. Symbolic image. EDL Magazine Exclusive The research paper on the discovery of these two new species of bacteria surviving on manganese has been published in the international science journal Nature . In the July 18 issue. This is the first time that any bacteria have survived. Those who survived grew up eating the highly toxic metal manganese. One of the members of the

Toxic Yellow Dust- Radiation Of Uranium Destroyed Many Tribes

The Navajo tribe lives along the Colorado River Gorge in the southwestern United States. If you sit down to talk with them, two types of yellow dust will come up. A gift from God, the symbol of all life on earth is that dust — yellow pollen. Without this yellow dust, the earth would not be full. And one kind of yellow dust is the cause of human destruction, uranium. The current generation of Navajo is today endangered due to uranium contamination. Uranium Radiation has destroyed many tribes In 1789, Heinrich Clapperth discovered a new metal from pitchblende. The metal is a transient, radioactive, atomic number or atomic number 92. He named the metal uranium after the planet Uranus. However, did not know that the nuclear age would begin within half a century of his discovery. The world will witness the Hiroshima-Nagasaki catastrophe. Uranium ore is found in a mixture of three types of minerals and rocks. For one ton of uranium, 1,000 tons of ore has to be mined. It is then chem

What to do to Deal with Post-COVID Trauma and Stress Disorders

S ome people begin to suffer from post-traumatic stress or post-traumatic stress disorder after any major accident. Whether it is a flood or an earthquake or a rape, an epidemic, a war, or a major accident, the memories of terror come back to their minds. Makes it scary. Can't sleep night after night. Have nightmares. Looks like life is over, and can't turn around anymore. Family and friends must be by your side. Image: Shutterstock Those who can return to normal life on their own or with someone's help or psychiatric treatment within a month, their problems are solved. Those who can't, either look for an opportunity to end themselves or live a life of half-madness. Anxiety or stress becomes a complete disorder. Named ' Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ' or PTSD . This matter has started even after COVID sat down. All over the world. In Wuhan, China, where one percent of people had PTSD under normal conditions, it has risen to 7 percent since COVID, scient

Reasons Why Still Using Windows 7 Puts You At Security Risks

Many individuals and organizations are still using the Windows 7 operating system. The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) recently warned of the use of Windows 7 by US private sector partners. Earlier this year, Microsoft officially ended the life cycle of Windows 7. Reasons Why Using Windows 7 Might Put You At a Greater Risks! Technology website Zednet reports that the FBI has warned that using Microsoft's Windows 7 after its expiration date could increase the risk of cybercriminals targeting computer network infrastructure. The company said that if Windows 7 is used at the organization or enterprise level, cyber criminals can use security vulnerabilities to enter the network. Over time, Windows 7 can become even riskier. This is because the security update has stopped. After all, Microsoft has stopped supporting it. As a result, new errors can be detected in Windows 7. Photo by  Franck V.  on  Unsplash At the expense of money, very few people will be able to upd